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There are many types of assignments and persuasive essays have become a common norm in middle school. Students are asked to read persuasive essay examples middle school in order to gain understanding on how to write such essays. There are many topics for persuasive essay examples middle school that you can write about for your assignment. The following is one of the many persuasive essay examples middle school that students can read through

Are Abstinence-Only Programs Effective?

For a long time now many schools have embraced the notion of sex education. Students are now learning the basics of sex life in schools. Despite the fact that many students go through these classes, very few actually gain from it. The students who undergo the sex education programs emerge from them with distorted views on what sexuality and sex is about. While the government has invested heavily in the safe sex education sponsorship, it also controls the kind of knowledge disseminated in these classes.

Schools that accept government support for sex education are required to emphasize the importance of abstinence and this is why they are called Abstinence Programs. The Abstinence programs are supposed to teach the teens attending the sex education classes about abstaining from sex till marriage.

Despite the fact that many teens have taken these classes, statistics of teen sexual activity continue to soar. Many teens are still engaging in sex and are exposed to STIs and unwanted pregnancies. What baffles many in the society is the fact that at least nine out of ten Americans still have sex before marriage even after having undergone these classes.

The Abstinence Only Programs have failed to educate the young ones on the importance of contraceptives and instead focused on the dysfunctional notion of abstinence. Only one percent of teens who go through these classes are likely to abstain while the rest will have sex without using protection because they only know the disadvantages of contraceptives.

The program also fails to show the youth how to deal with their emotions and sexual needs by encouraging them to say no to sex before marriage. What if they get married at 40? These teens are taught to evade their emotions with simple phrases like no.

Many schools are tied to the government Abstinence Only Program because of the funding.

But are they doing any service to the teens that are bound to have sex before marriage? It is a fact. Abstinence Only Programs have failed in disseminating relevant knowledge and information on sex education.

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