MBA Admission Essays

Growing up I always wanted to be an engineer.

My first science project was my greatest inspiration. I built a light bulb inside my toy truck and was the envy of all my peers. Throughout elementary and high school, I scored high grades in the sciences and represented my schools in various science symposia and contests. Fortunately, I managed to get good grades and earned a scholarship from MIT.

After my undergraduate I decided to open a firm that worked towards rural electrification in the developing world. The reason why I chose the developing world was because I went to Africa for my summer program and saw the glaring needs of the children and women. My heart went out to them because they lived on so little. My family and friends were very supportive and helped me collect the funds needed for starting up my company. I also got support from other philanthropic channels as people realized the plight of the African women and children.

Now that my company is up and running, I feel inundated by the demand for our services. What started with one village has grown in leaps and bounds. In a month we can offer services to five villages. We have worked with several east and central African villages in countries like Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi and parts of Malawi.

An MBA will give me the knowledge and skills necessary to manage my company more effectively.

I have so many people working under me and there are varied business decisions that I have to execute daily. These have been a challenge and I have had to employ a business manager to help me out. However with an MBA program I am sure I will be able to combine electrical engineering knowledge with business acumen to run my project in Africa. I believe through this program I will interact with many entrepreneurs who are business savvy and this will help me gain and share ideas with them.

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